10-10-10 missions challenge

goal of parkwood's 10-10-10 missions challenge:

To direct prayer and giving support to 8 key areas of missions connected to Parkwood throughout the years.  These areas include part-time mission teams and full time missionary families that have been and will be sent out from Parkwood to the "ends of the earth".  (Acts 1:8)

How the Prayer Challenge Works:

     Pray on the 10th day of every month throughout the year.

     Pray for a minimum of 10 minutes.

     Pray over the 10 prayer requests that will be distributed and updated each month and will reflect      the current needs on the field.  Prayer request inserts will be in the bulletin on the first Sunday      of each month.  You can also pick up a copy at the Welcome Center.

How the Giving Challenge Works:

     Consider giving at least 10 dollars to the 10-10-10 mission fund on a monthly basis      through the year.

     Consider fasting one meal the day you pray and use that money to give to the 10-10-10 fund.