Parkwood's Ministry to College Students exists to equip students transitioning into adulthood to live and apply their faith wherever they may be. (Acts 1:8)  Also, to encourage them to continue to defend their faith at the university as they pursue the greatest commandments of Scripture. (Matthew 22:37-40)

Ministry to College Students works within the reality that students attend their schools either locally or out of town.  We call these categories of students Home Team and Away Team.

On Sundays College students have an hour of bible study designed for their age group at 11:00am year round.  Seasonally and during breaks the college students also meet together for fellowship and special studies.

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John 4:39

     We thought the question was innocent enough but we quickly found out differently.  At our Conversational English Class we asked if they had any questions that were not answered.  They got our attention by asking if there is a God and is God's plan for everyone the same.  Amazing, right?  The initial response was to give them the theology of the existence of God, a good, solid "Sunday" answer.  The right answer was, "Yes there is and He loves you".  Are there occasions in our lives when we find ourselves giving a "Sunday" answer to a "Tuesday" issue?  Our motives somehow... Read More