August 24
Tri-State Class at Parkwood

September 20-22
Women's Retreat at Tarheel Lodge (Ridgecrest)

November 8-10
Creation Museum & Noah's Ark

If you are interested, meet with us on August 18th at 5:15 in the Conference Room.

Commitment to 10-10-10


Weekly Schedule

  9:30am     Sunday School
10:30am     Fellowship Time
11:00am     Worship Service*
  6:00pm     Bible Study

  7:00pm     Bible Study

*Worship Service is every Sunday except the first Sunday of the month-join Hearing Church in the Sanctuary.

Ministry Vision

Our vision and goal at Parkwood Baptist Church is to be committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ to the deaf and hearing community.  To develop leaders that are willing to become disciples for Christ.  We want to see everyone accept Christ, and giving their lives to serving Him.  We do not feel that our ability to communicate to the hearing is a barrier for us.  Jesus did not only communicate His love, He also showed His love as we can do also.  Our ACTIONS speak louder than words.

My relationship with Christ first, then Christ through me will show others how to follow Him.