Senior Adults


Young at Heart is the name of Parkwood’s Senior Adult Ministry.  With the longevity of adults now,  our ministry encompasses the young-old , the old-old and the centenarian.  We have activities and ministries for and through this ministry for all these ages.

Our young-old 55+ are very active with trips, events, and ministry in other areas of our church.

The old-old 75+ are able to go on day trips, have a monthly fellowship and are still working in church ministries.

The centenarians are ones that are not able to come to church on a regular basis, so we have a regular ministry to them through our younger senior adults. 

I believe that the Senior Adult Ministry should not only minister to our senior adults, but they should, as much as possible, continue to minister to others.

On Sunday mornings we have three opportunities for Bible studies; 8:30, 9:30 and 11:00.  The Young at Heart also enjoy monthly luncheons with themes and sometimes special guests.

So no matter what age... you fit in.  There is a place for you!  Come join and serve in the Young at Heart ministry of Parkwood Baptist.

2019 Monthly Meetings

July 18                 Game Day @ 10 am - snacks and drinks provided

September 12      Luncheon @ 11:30 - soup day

November 14      Fall Thanksgiving Banquet